Singular Sensations vs. Plural Powerhouses: Picking the Perfect Domain

Singular Or Plural Domain Name? Which Is Better For My Business?

Most of the time, domain names work better when they’re singular because they’re better at representing a company brand.

For example, a company called Tulip would prefer to use the domain name over since the latter might make people think that the business is somehow associated with buying/selling that specific type of flower.

This might make people think that all singular versions are worth more than plural versions. The truth is not all singular versions are more valuable than their plural counterparts.

There are some domain names that are actually stronger as plurals. Examples include,,, and

Why is this the case?

Singular Domain Names for Brands: When a company has a singular name, like Tulip, using the singular domain – – makes it clear that the website is about that specific brand.

It’s like saying, “This is the one and only place to find everything about Tulip, the company. If there is another company named Tulip in the world that makes alcohol, sells apparel, or offers an task management system, they are on inferior domain names because we own the one and only”

Plural Domain Names for Categories: On the other hand, when a domain name is plural, like, it suggests that the website covers a whole category of things. In this case, isn’t just about one car or one brand of cars; it’s about all kinds of cars. It’s like saying, “This is the place to explore everything about cars, no matter the make or model.”

Similarly, this applies to,, and, the new holding company of Chris (@mhp_guy), the founder featured on the March 4, 2024, episode of the @DomainNameWire podcast. (listen here)

So, the choice between using a singular or plural domain name for a company depends on what the website is about. If it’s focused on a single brand or idea, a singular domain name might be best. But if it’s about a whole category of things, a plural domain name might be more powerful.